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Hello, first I want to thank you for stopping in.  To begin to understand where we are going, we first must know where we have been.  So I offer a little historical perspective.  Our town was named after Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune, who came to Colorado in 1859.  

It was founded by Nathan C. Meeker as the Union Colony in 1869, as an experimental utopian society, but the name was later changed in honor of Horace Greeley.  Governor Eaton declared Greeley an official city on April 6, 1886.  Mr. W.D. Farr will be remembered long after we've gone.  Who without him, we would not have access to the best water in the United States.  From our rich, robust and growing community, I celebrate our multi-cultured diversity. 

This campaign is about you, the citizens of Greeley.  On other pages, I speak about my vision for Greeley and where I stand on issues we face daily. 

My wife and I are proud to call Colorado our forever state, and Greeley our forever city.  The mandated and required paperwork has been submitted.  It is with humility and respect, I ask for your support now, and your vote in November.  

With me as your next candidate, I'll bring back a new level of transparency and accountability that appears, to have been lost.  It for me begins with, repairing our roads and continuing the work on our infrastructure that's predicated on common sense.  I want to be known as your accessible (available to everyone), candidate, by and for the people.  

On November 7th, please vote "Marlo" for City Council at-large. To contact me send an email to;



Together Greeley Wins



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