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Finally, there's a candidate with common sense and believes in Greeley and all of its citizens.  Hello, my name is Thomas J Marlo.  It is with great honor that I present myself to you, ready to stand in the gap as your City Council Candidate for our great community. The family is important to me, and I’ll introduce you to my family on the About Marlo page, but first…

Let me share with you my vision for Greeley.

Our community needs roads, transparency, accountability, and representation.  The people of Greeley have been left out of the circle long enough. My goal is to open those doors and bring the people of Greeley together with a unifying voice of reason, empowered by your support. This election is about the citizens of Greeley. I’m asking for your voice, your support, and your encouragement. We can do this together! I’m suggesting a donation of $20.17 – because I believe this is our year, and I want to enforce that concept. I appreciate whatever you choose to contribute.  Below is a picture me at my first meet and greet. 

Marlo for Greeley City Council

Roads in Greeley need help, as do the Police, Fire, and Emergency Service Providers. The key to getting the help we need as a community is electing City Council Members who will take action.  I’m that guy.  

As your City Council Representative, I will move the pendulum from talking to action on these important issues:

* Hiring more Police and Firemen

• Infrastructure Development

• Safety and Security Services for the Community

• Road repair and interactive services

Because these are incredibly important to the development and continued growth of our community here in Greeley. As we continue to grow and meet the demands of a rural, yet growing, community, the expansion of our commerce, business centers, and housing developments should be front and center. I will represent your interests in these areas and more.  My name is Thomas J. Marlo.

I appreciate your trust, and your vote in the coming election on November 7, 2017


Committee to Elect Thomas Marlo
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